Help and hope for problem gambling

Problem gambling can be treated – and there’s help available. The Helpline can help you serve your clients with problem gambling resources and service referrals.

We’re here for providers, too.

Thousands of people are experiencing problem gambling now.

And many more are at risk. As a provider, you can access Helpline resources and service referrals to support people experiencing problem gambling and their loved ones.

Learn more about treatment and recovery

To support your client, it’s helpful to understand what you and your client are facing together. Like other addictions, problem gambling is a chronic condition that can be treated. Help is available for them and their loved ones.

Here are some resources you can use to build your knowledge of problem gambling, treatment and recovery, and the treatment system:

About problem gambling

Understand the difference between casual gambling and problem gambling and learn to recognize the signs and effects of problem gambling.

Problem gambling treatment

Learn about the different treatment options available for problem gambling.

Supporting family and friends

Learn what kind of support is available for family and friends affected by another’s gambling.

More educational resources

Visit the Massachusetts Problem Gambling Technical Assistance Center (M-TAC) online resource library.

Find assessment and treatment resources for your client

The MA Problem Gambling Helpline is here to help you help your client. Call to speak to a trained Specialist about finding assessment and treatment resources for your client, or chat with us online. If you know what you and your client are looking for, search for services here.

Serving providers like you.

The Helpline doesn’t just provide resources and service referrals. We’re also affiliated with the MA Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment (M-TAC), to build the knowledge and capacity of providers.

We’re here for you.

We’re here to help you help your clients.

The Helpline can help you understand the risks and signs of problem gambling, and offer treatment and other resources to get your client started on the path to recovery. Our Helpline Specialists are just a call or a chat away.